Dance for Little Ones

Early education Music movement. English

Creative Dancing

Is the first place you should send your child if they like to dance and sing. From 3 years to about 6 , children develope moter  skills , discover their imaginations and learn movement and song at a very fast pace. I love to mix discipline and fun to keep your child interested. 

Pre- Ballett or Akrobatik

From the age of 6 or first grade,  children are ready to learn more focused. I recommend , for their basic skills to keep improving, either pre Ballett or akrobatiks. 

In ballet they will learn the basics needed for every dance that follows wether jazz contemporary or street dance. In akrobatiks I Focus More on knowing what the body is capable of doing and it has a more sport based character. 

Ballett 1

Between the age of 7 and 8  Ballett 1 will be recommended as a start for all dance. It involves all basic movement of Ballett , mainly Russian technique, needed and introduces knowledge classical Musik At this time children may also start to see if they enjoy other styles at the same Time like jazz, step, street dance. But Ballett remains the core of them all.